Back in the roaring '20s, a Bentley's claim to fame was success in motor racing. But amidst financial struggles the company was bought by Rolls-Royce in 1931 and soon the only way to tell a Bentley from a Rolls was by its radiator grille. The 1980s saw the Bentley division get back to its sporting ways with the introduction of the Turbo R Sedan, and the 1990s saw BMW supplying engines to both prestigious English marquees. Early in the 21st century, Bentley and Rolls went their separate ways: BMW took possession of the Rolls-Royce name, while Volkswagen kept the Bentley name and the plant in Crewe, England. The Arnage T gets back to those sporting ways and offers performance more befitting a high powered sport sedan than a near-3-ton luxury cruiser. Powered by a twin Garrett T4 turbocharged 6.8 (6.75) litre V8 engine developing 450 horsepower and an astonishing 645 pound-feet of torque. A well-sorted suspension make the Arnage T as much a treat for the driver as it is for passengers. The Bentley Arnage is available in three styles Arnage T, Arnage R and the Arnage RL. The Arnage T is the sportiest of the trio. The Arnage T offers super-soft and comfortable seats and more interior space than many SUVs. It comes standard with stability control, traction control, side and head airbags for front and rear passengers, front and rear parking sensors and four-wheel ABS. Along with limousine like room and power operated rear seats, the Arnage's cabin boasts classic English fashion, with lots of beautifully finished wood and leather trim and wood en picnic tables in the rear. Acceleration is downright impressive, 0 to 60 in the high 5 seconds range and a governed top speed around 155mph. It takes somewhere between 390 and 450 hours, depending on which factory tour guide you believe, to produce an Arnage. Apparently it takes one Bentley craftsperson 12 hours stitching an Arnage steering wheel with a single piece of thread. Nearly all Arnages are built to order and when new they had a base sticker price of $241,985 for a T model. Bentley's Mulliner coachwork division is able to handle just about any request, and the options list is so comprehensive that few duplicate cars are produced. A single lot of wood is reserved for the matched book-end veneer that lines the interior of each Arnage. The remaining pieces do not go into other cars but are marked and placed in a giant humidor so the wood will match perfectly if repairs need to be made, a feat that would otherwise be impossibility. The Arnage T's traction-control system is programmed such that, per Bentley, "you can drift the car with some wheel spin, but it never lets you get in any trouble." The example we have here is in beautiful condition and although it has 82,700 miles on it the condition of the car defies that mileage. According to the previous owner that mileage was put on by many trips to Las Vegas. A California car from new, having been sold by Bentley Rancho Mirage in California on June 28, 2006. Finished in Black with Black leather.

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