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classic cars you always wanted
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Our Classic Cars

Classic cars you always wanted!

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Welcome to Cars With Class

What do Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, and Cars With Class have in common? They are all landmarks of a city built around the automobile. A place whose roots are deep in automotive heritage - and where each will lead you to the finest automobile collection in Southern California.

We offer a slice of American Classics, European Elegance, Cool Trucks, Fast BikesMuscle Cars and Hot Rods for sale, all available for your driving pleasure. Our goal is to provide great value, incredible quality and a piece of LA history to the automotive enthusiast. Located just 11 blocks from the beach, We can arrange everything from financing to shipping, anywhere in the world.

You can visit art in a museum...... 
at Cars With Class, you can drive it home.

Automobiles have always been the main passion of Grant Woods an ex racer, who has been in the automobile business since the very early 70's. Grant is probably one of  the most passionate and knowledgeable auto experts in the United states today.

No matter what type of vehicle you are searching for, what you find here will be  the best quality you can find on the Market today From elegant vintage Packards to extreme muscle Cobras.

What also makes us stand out, is the amount of "repeat" buyers and sellers that come through our doors, a sure testament to the quality of our service and our client's satisfaction, which is our main goal. At any one time we may have up to 10 or more vehicles that we have had before.

Here's what one customer has to say...

"I have bought 3 cars from Grant, one of them twice, over the past 9 years, each one was exactly what I was searching for, if there is one thing that I could say about this great place, is that I have always been able to have complete confidence in Grant's knowledge and experience to deliver a true classic."

Brian Mc Sweeney (Los Angeles).

Take a look at all we have on offer and I'm sure you will agree on the uniqueness and quality of this collection.

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